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Performance Issue Identified - Emailing Receipt Errors | April 7, 2022



  • Katie Gennaro

    CivicRec System Engineers have implemented a fix and continue to monitor progress. An update will be provided as soon as available. 

  • Katie Gennaro

    CivicRec Systems Engineers have implemented a fix and restored receipt and waiver email services to your CivicRec solution. An incident report will be posted here within 24 business hours. 

  • Katie Gennaro

    CivicRec Receipt Emailing Issue Incident Report 

    April 7, 2022 

    Incident Description  

    Several CivicRec customers were reporting that receipt and waiver emails were not being sent to users upon completion of a transaction.  


    Upon investigation, the background process that generates PDF files was failing on a specific receipt. Each time the process started it would attempt to generate the same receipt rather than moving on to the next receipt in the queue. We identified the cause of the failure as being unable to generate a receipt and waiver given the timeout limit set in the receipt generation code.  


    A fix was identified and implemented on 4/7/2022 at 11 am central time.  

    The timeout limit within the receipt generation code was unable to accommodate receipts that had large images included in the waivers. Increasing the timeout limit, as had been done in an incident previously, was unable to accommodate for the images to render the receipt and allow the queue to run. System engineers had to disable the sending of receipts dated prior to today, 4/7/22, in order to allow the queue to deliver receipts and waivers. All receipts dated today, 4/7/22, should now be sent as originally intended. Any receipts in the queue dated before today will not be sent but customers can resend the receipts via the system as needed. We anticipate this is sufficient but will further implement ways to make the receipt generation process more resilient. 


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No Change Update

CivicPlus Systems Engineers continue to work on resolving this issue as quickly as possible. An update will be added to this post when it is available.

Timeline Identified

CivicPlus Systems Engineers have identified the issue and expect to have a resolution deployed by ESTIMATED TIMELINE (if not a specific date, include business hours / business days clarification).

Fix Implemented

CivicPlus Systems Engineers have applied a fix and have restored service to your CivicPlus Solution. An incident report will be posted here within 24 business hours.

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