CivicEngage Central: Limited Service Disruption



  • Carl Bowen

    The Physical host a couple of web servers were on appeared to go offline in such a way that HA was delayed in determining the status of the Virtual machines when after a period of time it attempted to start the HA recover of one machine. 

    We had become aware of the issue and intervened by restarting the host as soon as it was online the VM's where powered back and sites recovered. We are investigating what occurred with the Host as well as what caused the delay of the VM's being restarted on other hosts. We are moving those VM to another host while we determine cause of failure of the orginal host.


    All sites have recovered at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. We do not anticipate any other outages related to this issue. 

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  • Carl Bowen

    It is believed that we have found the issue related to why the VM's where not restarted on another host as quickly as we expected. We will be implementing a minor change during the coming maintenance window that should allow the system to more quickly identify a hardware failure and allow the VM's to restarted on another set of hardware. 

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